Have you ever considered that the words you speak may hinder your possibilities to manifest abundance?

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like “I want to have more money…. or I want to lose weight?”

Well, I certainly have, in fact they used to be common language for me until I was introduced to an effective and much more powerful alternative statement that opens the doors to manifesting abundance.

Just three little words….

and when you say them feel how different you feel when you say them.

So what are the three words…..

Here they are….  those three little words, …  “I am willing”

So instead of “I want to”,  replace it with “ I am willing”

So easy to say, so simple – but did you feel the energy shift!!  Did you feel the power?

It’s like you are sending out an invitation to the universe for whatever life has for you to experience  in that moment – circumstances, situations, thoughts, opportunities etc!

….along with  the confidence to trust that whatever happens or how things unfold, it is in such a way that serves our  highest good.

Having a willingness to be open and receive does not restrict the way God/Universe can provide for us. For example, have you ever said “I want to win the lottery.  Maybe that is for you …..or maybe the Universe has other plans to provide a way for you to be financially free.

So instead of saying “ I want to win the lottery… try replacing it with” I am willing to receive financial abundance in whatever form it flows to me ”.

Feel the energy shift – maybe you can even feel a tingle of excitement about where this financial abundance may manifest ?

So what about other areas of your life?                  board-1106649__180

Instead of “ I want to loose weight”, try replacing that with “ I am willing to nourish my body with healthy food  and take care of it”

This has been a little mantra I have adopted ever since I learned about it and I have been amazed at how it has released my mind-set from the negativity and self-doubts that can creep in so easily.

I have also been amazed at the opportunities that have opened up, as well the solutions I needed be that seem to come to me at just the right time.

The words we use are so important, they can either help us or hinder us  – often without our awareness. So start today to use words that will lift your energy and have you feeling a little bit more empowered….. and who knows what possibilities or opportunities may open up for you?

So what areas of your life can you more willing?  Where might these three little words begin to create a change in your life and start to manifest abundance for you?

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