Ever wished for greater happiness, along with increased creativity and productivity?


Because here are six simple but effective tools we can all habitually use each day to help us achieve greater abundance and prosperity in our lives.

Whatever we think about, expect and look for, we will either find, create or imagine to have happened. Now if this is true – and it is, and if we make a disciplined practice of looking for positivity in our own life and in others, then this is what we will find or create.

Does this mean that bad or seemingly negative things will never happen?

No of course not, but even when they do we always have the power to choose an interpretation of what happens that empowers or enriches us. Alternatively we can choose a disempowering and limiting perspective – it’s our choice.

Alright so six daily choices to increase your positive mindset and productivity.

PracticeĀ  Mindfulness.

We all want peace and we all want success in whatever is important to us. In order to achieve success we must be consistent performers. So those skills and behaviors, those habits and beliefs that are necessary to achieve the success we’re after as well as peak performance and peace are centered in being in the present moment. Presence connection is the only path that will lead us to some level of personal and professional mastery. Just as doctors must practice medicine regularly, thoughtfully and purposefully if they are going to attain some level of mastery, so too we must practice if we hope to become a master and remain mindful of the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, perceptions and actions you choose throughout each day.

Positive Expectation:

Look forward to each day and each circumstance with enthusiasm,positive certainty and expectation. Whenever you find yourself looking for or expecting bad things, make a habit of catching yourself and asking yourself what is potentially positive about this? How can I make this a win for all involved? Studies show that optimists are happier, healthier and more successful- things we all desire right!

Have an Attitude of Grattitude:

Focus on the good things in your life, however insignificant they may seem. What you focus on you attract more of, so it makes sense to focus on the things that bring you joy and happiness. So next time you are stuck in traffic, turn it into a positive by feeling thankful for the time to listen to some music or do some mental planning etc.

Celebrate and Reward Yourself Daily.

Congratulate and reward your little wins along the way. Celebrate little milestones each day. This will cause your brain to associate pleasurable states with positive action and direction towards your purpose.


Literally smile a lot! Have a playful attitude – manufacture smiles! Don’t wait for something to happen out here to smile in your heart and on your face. If you just physically do it your brain will respond – your subconscious brain will smile along with you, it doesn’t need the external stimuli. Your conscious brain needs to smile, if you smile and if you create the smile in your face it will affect your chemistry and your neurology. Go on…try it now and see…

Be Spontaneous

Playful planning and executing are important to personal development and professional success but our brains also crave stimulation and novelty. What better stimulation than spontaneous risk-taking or pleasure creating mini adventures. See life as a big adventure. We live only once right, so squeeze the most juice you can out of yourself and out of each day. Don’t wait until tomorrow or this weekend or the next vacation even worse do it now today.

So there you have it… six simple practices that will lead you to greater happiness, positivity,creativity, productivity and success. Everything that we all want along with better health by the way. Live and succeed with peace purpose and positive personal power

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