3 Easy Steps To Attracting A Prosperous Reality.

Let me share 3 simple strategies that you can start using today to  attract a prosperity into your life no matter what is going on in the world around you

Have you ever noticed there are some people who always seem to easily attract abundance regardless of what’s going on around them.
No matter what is going on in the economy, these people just seem to prosper and land on their feet.

No matter what circumstances they encounter, they remain positive and optimistic and continue to attract abundance.

Have you ever thought about how you have no control over the economy, or other people -or even circumstances…..
but you DO have control over your mind-set – and your words, thoughts and emotions.

And it’s words and thoughts and emotions that create your reality – it really is that simple!

Now that may be exciting – or it may be scary but that’s how it is.

So wiring yourself with the correct mind-set for creating abundance in your life is one of the best ways to ensure that no matter what may happen in your external world, you will continue to create a reality that will attract abundance.

So, are you wondering how to wire up for abundance? – great, let’s get started on step number one

1 Have an attitude of gratitude

Abundance is a state of mind – not about what you have- or don’t have.

Abundance comes in many forms and the more we focus on gratitude for what we do have, the more abundance we attract

Focus on the abundance – not the lack. Some days we may feel we don’t have much to be grateful for but there is always something ! Appreciate your food, the roof over your head, your family or friends …… the air that you breathe….

This will not only lift your mood into a more positive one within a short time, it will also help you begin to notice more things to be grateful for.

Feeling genuinely grateful for what you already have makes you feel different and more positive. It also sends out a different energy that begins attracting back to you the things you desire. So the energy and emotions you attach to what you do are very important.

It’s your mind-set about money, not your circumstances, that determine your reality.

What you focus on becomes your reality – plain and simple!

What you put your attention on grows so if your wanting to eliminate debt, stop worrying about it all the time and start focusing on the areas where you already have abundance.

In this way you will begin to wire yourself for abundance and start attracting it into your life.

So make a habit of practicing an “attitude of gratitude” for a few minutes each day and see what a difference it makes.

2 Become aware of the thoughts and the words you have and use regarding money.

Let me ask you a question? Did you ever hear any of the follow statements as a child?

Money is the root of all evil

We just can’t afford that

Money doesn’t grow on trees

If those are the phrases you’re repeating in your mind over and over again as an adult, guess what you’re creating ?

You guessed it – a reality of scarcity and limitation. You are also blocking the flow for any abundance.

How is your subconscious is going to respond to that? (remembering that we attract what we give our attention to)

That’s right, the universe will find ways to send you more of the same…..

More scarcity, more lack, more limitation for you to grumble and complain about.

Instead try to think about and speak words of abundance and love, gratitude and appreciation.  You will find you are opening the flow to abundance and creating a life of abundance and success, prosperity and affluence.

Try raising your awareness of negative thoughts you  might have or words use use. When we have scarcity thoughts like “ there’s never enough” we block our abundance. Once you recognize them, you them have the power to change them.

Like anything, the more we practice this the easier it becomes.  Practice also helps identify the mental chatter that’s going on in our mind that’s blocking the flow.

3 Stop Complaining and Judging Others

It is common for us to judge those who seem to have more than us – especially those who are financially abundant.


Because we are probably jealous of them although we may not admit it – or even realize it!

Feelings of jealously diminish our own uniqueness and power to create abundance

It is easy to speak out judgement and criticism about others who have the abundance we want.  But how can we expect our subconscious minds to manifest that which we are judging in others?

Maybe we have negative common money beliefs from our childhood that do not serve us well as adults like :

“ rich people are greedy and dishonest” or

“rich people are seldom happy”

If you notice yourself playing these tapes in your head try and replace them with positive affirmations.

And then make that switch to gratitude like we’ve talked about. Celebrate what other people have.  Be happy for them and the abundance they have – because when you genuinely do this, you get to attract it into your life as well.

Right now you are creating your future and the direction you set for yourself with your thoughts your words, your beliefs and behaviours – your mind-set!!

And the great news is – you have complete control over that

Now you have starting this journey of abundance – keep moving forward!

You are on your way to a more abundant future!

Thoughts always produce things.
It’s the thought that counts – so think good ones!

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