Is Prosperity a Mindset

Is prosperity a mindset?

Do you automatically think of wealth and prosperity when you see flashy sports cars, huge mansions and large bank accounts?

Fact: These things do not create prosperity. They do however give the appearance of it. But true prosperity is a mindset in the recipient.

Likewise, the lack of large bank accounts and lots of flashy material possessions does not create poverty. It is just the condition of poverty. Because poverty in itself is just a mindset.

Your mind is the tool that can create poverty or prosperity – which do you choose?

Here are a few ways to wire yourself for a prosperity mindset:

Develop an attitude of gratitude.

You may have heard this before but it is so important. You attract what you focus on – so focus on the positive and be grateful for what you do have.

Eliminate words of criticism, blame and gossip as this will attract more of the same negative energy and negative circumstances into your life. Whatever you put your attention on is what the universe will respond with and deliver you.

So you may be saying you are ready to meet your soul mate and will do whatever it takes to make this new relationship work. However if you are still grumbling about your ex and how unfair he/she was to you and he/she should have done this and that…..blah blah blah… guess what? The universe is going to respond to your pity party because that will be your dominant energy you are carrying and it will deliver you more of the same! The universe you hear your intention as you want a partner similar to the ex!

 Remember..whatever you put your attention on the universe hears as                          your intention
 Define your dream

Your vision of your dream must be bold and imaginative. Make it big and do not worry about the “how to” of how it will manifest. If you can see yourself easily achieving your dream, it is not big enough. It needs to be way bigger than you so that it gives you the wow factor. You don’t know how it will happen, you just know it is what you long for. Your role is to embrace it, live it in the moment with energy as though it is already here, See it , taste it , experience it, and create it into being. My mentor Mary Morrissey states that all things are created twice. First in the mind, then in reality, so vividly experience living in your dream as though it has arrived!

Pay your bills with a TMC  attitude

This was something I learnt a few years ago and now I practice it regularly. A  TMC attitude is really quite exciting!   (TMC stands for there’s more coming !) Whenever I pay a bill I declare out loud ” there’s always more where that came from and more is on its way to me right now”. Then I sit back and wait with eager anticipation at the wondrous ways the universe will delight and surprise me! It’s amazing how the universe responds to gratitude and words of abundance spoken in belief and faith.

Build your prosperity with words

The words you speak will either build poverty or prosperity. Are you affirming negative things in your life? I listened to someone recently chatter on about her current job which she hates “This is all I will ever get, I know will never get another job, I’ll probably be stuck in this place forever!”

Chances are she will be because she is programing this belief into her subconscious mind and so the universe will respond to that belief.

What about when something good happens, like an acquaintance who won $1200 on the pokies, and then the next week had an unexpected bill come in for $1150. Her first comment was “See I knew it was too good to be true and that it wouldn’t last”.

     Choose your words carefully, they are creating your future.
Keep your VISION in Mind

A vision is simply a statement or a picture of the ways things can be – not the way they are right now. The key is knowing what you really want to achieve, be or have, – and then manifesting it in your mind first. Once you do this – and do it effectively, really nothing can stop your vision manifesting. Use tools such as a dream board, affirmations, and mind movies to strengthen and enhance your vision. Meditate on it daily so that it becomes programed into your subconscious, then take action on the prompts and nudges from your higher self/the universe to help bring it about and manifest your dream into reality.

Make room for prosperity in your life

Nature detests a vacuum and it will always fill it with good. So if you are trying to attract prosperity take a look around you, what are you holding on to that you need to let go of so the universe can fill the vacuum with good?

Are you clinging to an abusive relationship that you know you should end?

Are you in a job you despise but would love something better?

Maybe you feel you are a victim?

Do you have so much clutter in your home that makes it hard to relax when you get home at the end of the day because of the mess?

In these situations, there is no room for positive things to come into your life. It is only when we release those things/ feeling/ attitudes that are no longer serving us well that we make room for prosperity to come in.

      What are you holding on to that you need to let go of so the                 universe can fill the vacuum with good?
 You can’t out-give the universe

Give away more of what you want. This may sound contradictory, but it is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. And it really is quite simple.

Giving is the other side of receiving. Therefore whatever you wish to receive in life, you first need to give it away

Want more love – then showing genuine love towards others

More happiness – share a smile, a word of encouragement

Like more financial abundance and prosperity, start to give or tithe.

This will remove the kink in the hose of abundance so that prosperity can begin to flow to you. There is so much abundance in the world, more than enough for every one of us, but we need to keep the flow moving to stop the blockages.

When we withhold our giving in any area, it will block the flow and your source of abundance .

One important thing to remember however, your giving needs to be joyful giving from your heart with no strings attached. You need to give without expecting anything in return, giving for the sake of giving. Only when you do this will the flow begin. Try it and see if you can out give the universe!

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