How do you deal with change?

In this life one thing is for sure – change is constant and will occur in our lives whether we like it or not.

So do you wrestle with it and deny that it’s happening….

Or are you one of those chilled out folk who just seem to have the calm ability to cope with whatever comes along with a go-with-the flow attitude

Lately I have been dealing with a lot of change in my life – not the type of change I desire or  wish on anyone, and one day I will write about it.

But that’s for another day. What about you?

Are you are coping with change that is being forced upon you – maybe you’ve lost your job, are being forced to move house, lost someone special , maybe a relationship has ended, or perhaps everything is turning to custard and you’ve no idea why!!


Whatever change you might be going through, here are some tools that are helping me right now.


1 Stop and Breath….

When I start to feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening around me, I try to make a conscious effort to stop and take a deep breath. It helps if I close my eyes and remind myself that even though I may not understand what is happening right now, I trust that this situation is working itself out for my highest good. Just because I can’t figure it all out now, one day I will be able to look back on this experience and marvel at the strength I have gained from it and the direction it has led me in.

2 Be Gentle On Myself..

 Tough times are not a time to be your own worst enemy! As someone who is usually putting other people before myself, I have given myself permission to make some mistakes now and then without beating myself up, to treat myself occasionally, and to take the time to nurture my soul when I need to.

3 Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

Now this one is not easy to do BUT it DOES make a HUGE difference to how you will feel. When external influences that you may have no control over seem  overwhelming , take a few moments to pause and find something….one thing to be grateful for. It might be the cup of coffee in your hand, of the friend you have to talk to or your pet! I challenge you to NOT be able to find something to be grateful for and once you become aware and express gratitude for that one thing, other things will pop into your head that you could be grateful for as well. Then see how your mood will elevate and help you to get through your day that little bit easier 🙂

4 Affirmations

I love affirmations any time and make them a daily practice but even more so in times of stress. The following are two that I have been speaking and I find they lower my stress levels and bring a sense of peace. Try them for yourself or find two or three that work for you and start speaking them daily.

“Every experience I have is perfect for my growth” – Louise Hay

“Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good” – Dr. Carmen Harra

5 Surround Myself With a Positive Support Network.

It is important to have people around me who will support and encourage when coping with unexpected change. In fact it can be a learning curve in identifying which of your friends and family are comfortable coping with change themselves because those that are not will be noticeable by their absence!

And don’t forget to draw on professional support and help if you need it. I have found   the guidance and advice from professionals to be of tremendous value.

Finally, I keep reminding myself that sometimes the universe steps and makes decisions that are too tough for us. We may feel like we have had the rug pulled from under us and we don’t know which way to turn. But deep inside  I try to keep a calm assurance that everything is working out for my highest good and that only good is going to come out of the current situation. Thus make the choice to let go and have faith in the outcome.

How about you? If you’re going through a difficult change , I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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