Choices Vs Decisions: What’s the Difference?

We face them daily – choices and decisions

Are they the same as an intention?

The dictionary describes a choice as: the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities

A decision is defined as: a determination arrived at after consideration

Choice implies freedom as there are options available. We can choose our preferred option

Decisions are made after we have eliminated our choices and decided which one to go with.


   Once something is decided upon then there are no more choices.

     Once something is chosen then there are no more decisions.


Some people find this process of decision making simple, for others it can be painful and difficult.

Perhaps the ability to be an assertive decision maker is the difference between people who make things happen and those that allow life to happen to them.

Without the ability to make decisions, it is easy to become the victim of circumstances.


So how would you describe your ability to make decisions?

Great?Do you struggle with decision making?


Need to work on it?

Can’t decide?

Decision making depends largely on how we are feeling. If we are not feeling our best and our self -worth is low, its not a great time to be trusting our ability to make wise decisions.

At these times a simple technique to draw on is helpful so that you know what to do.

You can use the following simple strategy whenever you are uncertain about what to do or how to move forward.

We know about choices and decisions but we need an intention to help the decision making process.




Lets look at this for a moment starting with the action ( the end result)

Its very hard to take action if you can’t DECIDE what to do! Right?

But you can’t make a decision unless you know the INTENTION – what you want to happen.

To discover your INTENTION, just ask yourself this question: “What do I want to happen?”

Then DECIDE what you need to do to change your behavior to bring about the desired action or result. Eliminate the choices to reach your decision

Finally take ACTION to bring about the INTENTION.

For instance:

As I am writing this blog I am feeling really hot since the temperatures have soared today. I am feeling uncomfortable but keep working trying to ignore the rising temperatures. But I have to stop.

At this point, what do I do?

What do I want to happen?Intentions, Decisions, Action

I want to feel cooler and more comfortable so I can keep working.

I DECIDE what I need to do bring about that change?

Grab a bottle of water, put on some cooler clothing,turn the air conditioner on


With water, cooler clothing and air conditioner running, I can resume working and I have achieved my intention.

This is a very simplistic scenario but I hope it illustrates the process.

Knowing what you want is the first step to making things happen. Become an action taker.

Set your intention, eliminate your choices, take action!


Be mindful of your intention. Intention is the seed that creates your future
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